Manything cloud recording explained

iPhone displaying manything camera connected to the cloud

For users who want to review past video we offer optional cloud recording plans. Cloud recording means we securely store your video to the cloud so you can watch it later.

The important things to know are:

How long is my video stored for?

We have 2-day, 7-day and 30-day plans available, and the one you choose determines how long your video is stored for in the Manything cloud. For example, if you chose a 2-day plan, your video will automatically be deleted 2 days after it was recorded.

I need to retrieve past footage; can I upgrade to access it?

We hold a limited backup of video before we auto-delete it. If you can see footage from the time/date you need go back to, but it is greyed out and shows the message “upgrade to view” it means we still have that video on our servers and upgrading to the next plan will release it for you.

What is the Free Trial?

All new users automatically get a free 5 day trial of our a cloud recording plan. After your first 5 days you’ll move over to our basic free plan that has live streaming, but no longer stores past video. Video recorded during the trial plan will be deleted when you move to the free plan.

I’m on a 2-day plan, will my camera stop after 2 days?

No, your camera will continue to stream and record. The 2 days refers to how long we store your video for.

Do I need to manage space?

No, your video will auto-delete so you never have to manage your storage.

Where is my video stored?

Your video is securely streamed to and stored on our cloud servers. We don’t take up room on your device.

Where can I watch my video?

Video can be reviewed online at, or via the Manything app on the phone you take with you.

I have important video I don't want to lose

We highly recommend you make and save clips of important footage. You can also download and save motion events from the app.


If you have any question on our plans then please contact us at